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My newest slideshow and some Lake Norman photos   Leave a comment

I pulled together some interesting photos of the last year and decided to share….
Some photos are of Lake Norman stuff and the Wine Club, and some are just of me and the Family.


Pic of the day – Snoop riding the Ski on Lake Norman   Leave a comment

Snoop Dogg is riding on the Ski!

Snoop Dogg is riding on the Ski!

This is snoop dogg and her owner, John. They are riding the Kawasaki standup together. Now, if you knew how hard it was to even get up and keep up a stand up jet ski, then you would appreciate this move!

Spoiled Chihuahua – Lake Norman Holiday Party   Leave a comment


Grace and Dad

Grace and Dad

This is a picture with Dad and Kathleen’s Dog named “Grace”. She likes to perch herself on your lap or chest and turns around so she can see around! My dad was more than happy to let her sit how she pleased! 

Too funny!

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