West Marine – Cornelius NC – Lake Norman Boating Supply   Leave a comment


30 am!

I took this picture at 5:30 am!

2 really good friends of mine work at this store and we frequent it a lot for boating supplies all year long! I wanted to pass this information to my friends and clients!


Yes, we have a West Marine location in Cornelius NC Lake Norman!!! Their slogan is “We make boating more fun”. There are over 340 locations in the USA. This is the “go-to” store when you have boat questions and lake questions as well. 

If you are looking to buy stuff to fix your boat, watersports, fishing gear, boat engine supplies, sailboat, navigation, wetsuit apparel, or anything that you can use on a boat or PWC in the water, then you need to visit West Marine!


The staff is extremely friendly and they can order almost anything you need since they have tons of catalogs for supplies from fixing your boat to tubes or accessories. We have bought everything from numbers for the skis to the chemical that you dump into the onboard toilet.  

Recommendations:  My friend Justin is the Assitant Manager at West Marine and he recommended that we join a program called “West Advantage”. This program saves you a ton of money if you purchase lake and boat items frequently throughout the summer. It’s already paid for itself! We also signed up for the Boat U.S. Towing services and trailer towing (in case of emergencies). I have seen a lot of folks break down on the lake and it comes in handy to be able to call someone on your cell phone to come tow you in!


I send a lot of my clients to this store because of the extremely helpful and friendly staff, they KNOW boats and Lake Norman, and also because they have Lake Norman maps, Lake Norman Boating Rules pamphlets, and tons of things to make your boating outings safe and more fun!

Want to tie up with us this summer? Call me or email me! We love the lake and usually go out every Sunday!


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