Sell Your House During the Holidays – Lake Norman Real Estate- Why Stay On the Market?   Leave a comment

Motivated to sell during the holidays but think it’s a bad idea to stay on the market? Then read this!!!

During the winter months when the showings decrease and not as many buyers are looking at real estate, I have Clients ask me, “should I take the home off the market until spring?” I say NO, not if you are motivated and your home is priced effectively.

Some of thlake norman home wintere many reasons homes get shown less during the winter:

•1. School is in season. Parents don’t want to move until end of school year in June.

•2. Winter snow, cold. Moving is tough when it’s freezing and there is ice on the ground. Buyers aren’t usually looking in the cold unless they have to relocate for work, etc.

•3. There are many less homes on the market. Less to choose from.

happy holidays lake norman

With that being said, the homes that ARE on the market during these times are better off for these reasons:

•· Corporate Relocations happen all year long. Companies like Wachovia, Lowes, Nascar, Coca-Cola, Rubbermaid, Bank of America, and more are relocating executives all the time. Unfortunately in winter, employees have a small time window to select a house and move.

•· Middle of January into February is when new listings start to spike up in volume. Why wait and list after everyone else is on the market?

•· Other homes take themselves off the market so there will be less competition to view. Stand out from the crowd!

•· Visitors coming to the Lake Norman area are here to see relatives during the holidays and sometimes get “talked into” moving here by the relatives. Or they get bored sitting in the house and go “previewing” and find a home they can’t live without! I think visitors are amazed at how much lower our taxes are and how much more you can get for your money here in a custom-built home.

•· Better offers. Buyers who have to move in the winter, NEED to move during the winter. Usually the offers look more appealing because the buyer has no time to waste.

lake norman snow man

So, listen, don’t take your home off the market unless you are being unreasonable about price! There is a buyer for every seller out there!

Don’t believe me? See this video from an owner broker of 25 years in the business and author.  VIDEO INTERVIEW OF HOW TO SELL YOUR HOME IN ANY MARKET


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