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Ready to run? Need a running group in Charlotte or Lake Norman area? Want to run at a set pace with a group of folks? Want company? Get the scoop right here:

Hey all!!! Several People have contacted me wanting more information about running groups in the Lake Norman area. I wanted to post the information on my Lake Norman Real Estate Blog so that people could have access to the information that they need.

I personally participate (and have been for several years) in a Walk/Run Marathon and Half Marathon Training group. I generally train year-round for several races throughout the winter, spring, and fall to keep myself in shape. I usually back off on those summer swealter races because of the heat and also work!!! Real Estate agents tend to be too busy during the summer to get all the training runs in. I truly believe that running with a group MAKES you stick to a program and gets you completely prepared for whatever goal you have in mind.

jeff galloway

The way it works is simple. The group splits up into mini pace groups. You run as a group that runs at the same pace as you (9min, 10min, 11min, 12min). Then, the group starts the run. It runs for a few minutes (ex. 5min) and then takes timed intervals (1min) of walking in between each Run interval. It is really fun. Gives you a chance to talk. Gives your lungs and muscles a rest. Helps you go a longer distance with less pain. It’s been proven and their are several books out there on the subject. You really don’t lose much time with the walk breaks (as far as finishing with a personal goal). I have done several half marathons in a great personal time and used this method. I feel better afterwards too.

Now here is the info: The Director of the Lake Norman and Charlotte Galloway Running Group is John Lineberger and his email is . He runs several programs all year. They usually start out at 3 or 4 miles and work their way up in the mileage for several weeks with low mileage weeks. It’s every saturday at a certain location and usually at 7 or 8 in the morning.

There is a small fee to join (usually $49-99 depending on program), but with that fee, you get a t-shirt or singlet (cool max type material), you get a book on the Galloway running method, a running LOG, water stops throughout the course each week (that’s the best thing ever), lots and loads of nutritional emails, etc.

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The EMAILS ALONE ARE WORTH IT!! I have been running for years and in this program and there is NEW material all the time. Helps you run smarter, faster, better all the time. New products come out on the market and John takes the time to learn about, research,and test these products to give you his personal opinion. He also takes the time to post the weather each week for the run and let you know how to dress!!! It’s simple, stress-free RUNNING! And, LASTLY, I have made a lot of friends out of it.


The Charlotte running group generally runs from the Charlotte uptown YMCA on College Street at 7am in the morning, but Email John to get the correct time because it changes with the weather and the mileage on any given Saturday.

The Lake Norman running group has been leaving from Cafe Mia at 8am in Birkdale Village (Huntersville) on Saturday mornings as well. It’s a much smaller cozier group, but still fun. The courses are pretty nice and sometimes run by the lake (it’s a little low right now though).

Please let John know by email if you are interested and what group you need information on. I currently do my weekly training runs in the Mooresville area and at the Lowe’s YMCA. I try to join the group as much as possible, but when I can’t, I usually email other members to see if they also have schedule conflicts so we can run together. It’s hard to find people to run with this far north! Half the battle is getting information to just DO IT, right??


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